practice TWO

I will stay in the room with difference.

When you discover I voted for the wrong person, does that mean we have to break up?

If The 3 Practices had to be reduced to one idea it would be Staying in the room with difference. 

Even a glance at the cultural landscape is likely to make people feel a little unsteady on that proposition. Staying in the room with difference is what folks are learning to avoid in the isolation of made-to-order social media echo chambers and narrowcast media. Somehow it just seems safer to seek the company of our own kind. 


But, inevitably, that safe feeling passes … replaced by suspicion, anxiety, fear, anger…. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that being divided isn’t safer at all.

As Kathryn Schultz puts it: “Imagination is that which enables us to . . .  enjoy stories other than our own. …Empathy is that which enables us to take those stories seriously.” Imagining and practicing fresh ways of crossing the Difference Divide — and living to tell about it — is what the 3 Practices are all about.


the second practice is a pledge to get in the room and do our best to stay in the room.