About 3 Practices

In 2016, four producers collaborated on a feature-length documentary, a book, and a series of live shows about the unlikely friendship and influence of a rabbi, an imam, and an evangelical preacher, in Peoria, Illinois. That collaboration became the The No Joke Project and, in 2018, produced The Three Practices.

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Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson’s innovative work in crossing the difference divide has been reported by The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, and featured on This American Life with Ira Glass. Jim is a serial entrepreneur, a producer of films and live events, an organizational leadership coach, and the author of eight books. He makes his home on the Oregon Coast. For more, visit JimHendersonPresents.com

Cara Highsmith

Cara Highsmith has worked in the publishing industry for two decades in Nashville and Los Angeles. She holds a Master of Arts in English from Belmont University. After working with several New York Times bestselling authors on the editorial team at Hachette Book Group USA, Cara launched Highsmith Creative Services, developing proposals and manuscripts for agents and assisting clients with writing, editorial, and publishing consultation from her mountain home in northern, California.

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Brian Boyle

Brian Boyle is an executive producer and producer/director with a decade-and-a-half overseeing and crewing all phases of design, content development and media production and delivery for industry-leading clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, X-Box, Scottrade, MSN Money, Bing and Merrill Lynch. Beyond his resumé in commercial media, Brian’s background in Political Studies (B.A. Whitworth University) furnishes him with a keen eye and ear for documentary filmmaking. Brian is at home in Seattle.

Jim Hancock

Jim Hancock has worked on production teams and as a solo producer, writer, director, and editor on somewhere north of 300 short films (and a handful of very long ones). As The Tiny Company Called Me, he delivers content, event design, creative consulting, and production services for clients who are up to all sorts of useful things.

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